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The Car Shop

We have Kandi getting fucked in this latest beaver hunt scene. She wanted to surprise her man so she made him a visit to his workspace. But he wasn’t the one surprised because she found him fucking his secretary, now that’s a surprise! She left extremely mad from there and on her way home she got a flat tire. Luckily she had a car shop on her way and stopped to get it fixed. She saw the cute mechanic was checking her out but didn’t was too interested, until it hit her.

The sexy brunette started flirting with him and after he finished his work she insisted to take a tour of the service. The rest of the guys were in their lunch break so they had the entire place all for themselves. Kandi waited until she found a place with some walls and started making out with him. She also slipped her had into his pants and after jerking off his cock she then took it in her juicy pussy as well. You really must check out this amazing beaverhunt update and you can also check out the teenfidelity site for more slutty teens getting fucked and creamed! Enjoy it!

Kandi Milan at Beaver Hunt

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